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Fairy Birthday Party
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My baby girl turned three just three weeks after my son was born. She adores fairies and uses all manners of 'wands', i.e. her toothbrush and hairbrush, to turn us into frogs. I started planning her fairy birthday party a few weeks in advance of my c-section because I knew that the new baby sleep deprivation would not be conducive to party planning. Here are the party details for any mamas looking for fairy party ideas. 



Peach Sorbet fairy costume


I baked the cake the day before. I have to admit that I took a shortcut with the baking and used Betty Crocker classic vanilla cake mix. I only had one correctly sized cake tin so I had to bake three cakes in succession! I then mixed the icing with PME concentrated paste food colouring and put each colour into piping bags. It took hours but it was worth it. I decorated the cake on the morning of the party. It was a stunning sunny day and the icing started melting as I was decorating! I quickly put the cake into the fridge and carried on icing it in there. 

Personalised fairy cake topper: 'Oh So Glitter' on eBay.


I bought all of the decorations on Amazon. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime! The tissue paper pom poms took a long time to fluff out but I was really pleased with the effect. Camilla was so thrilled when she went downstairs for breakfast and spotted her birthday decorations. The tablecloth, plates, cups and party bags were from Talking Tables' truly scrumptious and fairy collections. The cups came with little detachable butterflies and looked so beautiful on the table. They were a hit with Camilla and her friends. 

Party bags:

I bought reels of pastel coloured ribbon and attached three long strands to tiny wands. I knew that Camilla would swoon over the dreamy ribbon-dancer effect. I ordered mini Ben and Holly book sets and divided them up into each party bag then added a Freddo treasure box and 'elf horns' i.e. party horn blowers. It's possible that parents were cursing me once their little ones discovered these in the party bags!


I used a Ben and Holly theme for the food. This tickled the parents who, like me, had spent hours watching it with their littles.

  • Magic jelly: I set strawberry flavoured jelly into tiny reusable plastic cups which came with tiny spoons. The plastic is inset with sparkly glitter so added to the fairy theme. I made about 30 and these all disappeared like hot cakes.
  • Elf horns: Bugles crisps
  • Fairy toadstools: mini meringues
  • Big Bad Barry's cheese: Mini Babybel
  • Forest Berries: raspberries and blueberries
  • Nanny Plum's sandwiches: salmon, coronation chicken, ham and cheese sandwiches made by my lovely mom
  • Morning dew: elderflower cordial mix which I decanted into a drinks dispenser. One of the tiny revellers discovered the tap and almost flooded the kitchen!


We used a mobile soft play hire company. 

We had planned for the party to be held in the garden so when the day came and rain was forecast I went into panic mode. The hire company emailed to say that they couldn't set up outside due to the risk of rain. My mind reeled as I didn't have anything else to entertain 12 toddlers! My husband and Camilla's grandparents sprung to the rescue and cleared space in our extremely full and messy garage. They totally saved the day. Unfortunately the bouncy castle couldn't be set up but there was now space for the soft play set. There was also a little plastic rollercoaster. This was used non-stop and got the biggest laughs. We also made use of our own trampoline, kiddies slide and see-saw.

We had one rain shower but that gave us an opportunity to all retreat inside to sing Happy Birthday. The birthday presents were opened in a flurry by all of the girls, wrapping paper flying everywhere. I didn't get a chance to see who had bought which presents which was tricky when it came to writing thank you notes! 

Our newborn slept contentedly for most of the day. At that time he would breastfeed for only 10 minutes and then sleep for 3 hours!

Camilla had an absolute blast and was so thrilled to have all of her friends at our house. Once everybody had gone home she sat on the sofa and fell asleep. It was a day to remember and truly magical.