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New Baby. New Language.
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When I found out I was pregnant I could not wait to learn all I could about my growing baby’s development. I downloaded apps and pored over websites, bought books and read so many posts on mum forums. I was surprised to find that mums seemed to be speaking in code. 

Gaby spoke about DS1 and DD. Sophie sought advice on her LO’s struggles with BF. Laura and her DH were about to reveal her DD2’s gender to her PIL with a Pinterest-worthy reveal-cake. There was also mention of the EDD and AIBU. Confused? So was I! Here is a guide to your new mum-code:

AIBU – am I being unreasonable

BF - breastfeeding

BLW – baby-led weaning

CS – caesarean section

DC – dear child/children

DD – dear daughter

DD2 – second-born daughter

DF – dear fiancé / fiancée

DH – dear husband

DP – dear partner

DS – dear son

DS1 – first-born son

EBF – exclusively breastfed

EDD – estimated due date

FF – formula feeding

FIL – father in law

FTM – first time mum

LO – little one

MIL – mother in law

ML – maternity leave

OP – original poster

PG - pregnant

PIL – parents in law

SAHM – stay at home mum

SO – significant other