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Seeking my MumSquad
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After my daughter was born and my family members went back to work I thought about how great it would be to find other mums on maternity leave. Becoming a new mum was exciting but a bit overwhelming. I wanted to share my experiences and discuss my baby’s activities at length with somebody who was going through exactly the same thing as I was. Just meeting up for lunch during the week or having a friend to join me for a baby sensory class sounded wonderful. There was a tiny problem. I was fairly new to the area and had no other mum friends to call. As a result I sometimes felt isolated.

Randomly meeting people in the street or in the health visitor’s waiting room seemed daunting. I would take my daughter for a walk in her pram around our village and saw other mums doing the same thing. We would smile in the direction of each other’s babies but that was it. It seems silly that I was looking for mum friends but felt too awkward to ask these mums to join me for a cup of tea. Would they be interested in meeting up? Would they think I was weird? It occurred to me that there should be a sure-fire way to find other mums who are just as interested in meeting up.

While feeding my weeks-old daughter in the early hours of the morning I brainstormed ways to meet new mums. I decided to launch MumSquad to help mums to connect without the awkwardness of a random meeting on the pavement.